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Next in the Classic Film Series at the Evergreen Theatre:

still mine

The Friends of the Historic Patricia Theatre
Present their classic film series
at the Evergreen Theatre
All tickets only $8.00

Still Mine
Wednesday, October 22nd at 7:30 pm

The Shining
Friday, October 31st at 9:00 pm
Rated 18A Running Time 141 Minutes

Schindler’s List
Wednesday, November 5th at 7:30 pm
Rated 14A Running Time 193 Minutes
There may be a brief intermission.

For More info: 604-483-9345

Update October 21, 2014 from Ann Nelson

Well, it's been a while since my last update about the Patricia's convalescence so it's time to catch up. As Nina reported, week 6 since the flood saw stuff actually coming IN the doors, rather being hauled out: Hallelujah!!!

So, here we are in the middle of week 8 and the excellent Michaud-St Pierre team has gotten an amazing amount of repairs completed and are now focused on the auditorium, with Kathy painting the completed Concession area.

Weeks of frustration trying to match and replace the wallpaper that had been installed in the enormous ceiling cove in 2000 have resulted in abandoning the search for wallpaper altogether (you have no idea how hard it is to find it these days) in favour of re-creating the original painted faux finish that the wallpaper had replicated: Yahoo!!

Whitney's started on the mural repairs and figuring out how the crew's going to achieve the look we want with the faux finish AND making it all work with the murals and our newly restored sky and cloud ceiling that will finally finish the atmospheric murals.

Got the linoleum and carpet ordered and the donnacona board ordered and on it goes.

One lousy, rotten, miserable little sprinkler head fails, and causes weeks of repairs: we're all determined that, by hook or by crook, the rest of those 39 sprinkler heads in the attic will be changed out before we re-open, or else.

The baby grand piano got moved into storage with all the seats, so never fear, it's in good hands.

A friend of the theatre thinks he may have a solution for resurfacing the auditorium floors, which will be needed for sure after all the scuffling around with the forest of scaffolding (you wouldn't believe your eyes if we could let you in to see it!), so that we can finally have a surface that won't flake off into the mop water, while it repels all efforts to repaint.

A person could go crazy with impatience except that there've been some unexpected bonuses along the way, like actually seeing the original paint and stenciling revealed for the first time in 60 years and confirming that the original ceiling paint was, indeed, blue, with wisps of clouds all over.

We're still aiming for re-opening at the end of November or so, because there's still a lot to do, but finally, it's all moving forward.

In the meantime, the Friends of the Pat have organized a Revival House Classics mini-series at the Evergreen Theatre every week, so we can deal with our cinema withdrawal symptoms by enjoying at least one film each week

Update September 19, 2014 from Ann Nelson

Doubt that the Patricia has looked so naked since the renovations that were started in 2000 stripped out all the seats from the auditorium and all the carpet from the lobby!

The marvellous team from SJS has finished all the drying out of the attic, the wall cavities and the seats, and now are working on emptying the auditorium so the scaffolding required can be set up for ceiling repairs as soon as possible.

So far, over 5 tonnes of sodden insulation, carpet, linoleum and donnacona board has made its way to Augusta, and all of the new acoustic panels installed in the 2012 sound upgrade have been successfully salvaged and stored off site: soon to be joined by the 300 seats, reduced to their component parts.

Some amazing historical details have been revealed in the stripping back of layers of paneling and peeling paint/wallpaper: trying to get some good photos of the original paint scheme and stencilling on the balcony and the pilasters that’s been revealed, and will then post them on this website.

Until the ceiling repairs actually commence (maybe next week?), I can’t project a firm timeline for completion, but measurements and quotes for the carpet and lino replacement are ready, our acoustic engineer is working on sourcing a contemporary replacement for the failed donnacona board, and …..drumroll, fanfare….the old boiler has been cut into dinosaur bone sized pieces and hauled out of the boiler room so that Tempco can complete the installation of our high efficiency natural gas boiler next week.

We’ve been working on this conversion for nearly a year and have been stymied by fact the building was literally finished around the boiler and there was no way to get the component pieces out intact so they could be re-purposed for someone else’s project.

Nearly there now, right in the middle of the restoration push!

Sprinklers rain down on Patricia

Water causes quick change in Aurora Festival plans

Published: Wednesday, September 3, 2014 8:49 AM PDT Powell River Peak Newspaper

In the early hours of the Friday, August 29, workday, the auditorium, balcony and concession areas of the Patricia Theatre suffered a deluge of catastrophic proportions when one, single fire suppression sprinkler head in the attic failed.

Hundreds of gallons of water sprayed into the attic, then gradually migrated through the lath and plaster ceilings, down the stairwells and through the floors.

Powell River emergency services responded to the alarm phoned in by a passerby who heard the sprinkler system’s flow alarm ringing in the foyer of the building.

“By the time the SJS Restoration crew had bagged all the sodden insulation, dropped it down to the auditorium floor through a hole cut in the ceiling, then lugged it out and hauled it away, there were nearly five tonnes of waste,” said Ann Nelson, of the Patricia. “Ruined carpet, stressed electrical service and damaged seats, as well as water damage to speakers, murals, wallpaper, and PA systems have emerged as they’ve slogged their way through the mess.”

The theatre will remain closed until emergency repairs can be completed and permanent repairs can be scheduled to make the auditorium safe again for the public.

“The good news is that the water never touched the new “Silver” screen, the array of speakers behind the screen, nor the equipment in the projection booth,” said Nelson. “The bad news is that it could be some weeks before the community can resume catching the flicks at the Pat and that all the Aurora Festival events scheduled for the Patricia venue have had to be re-located to Dwight Hall.”

Friends of the Historic Patricia Theatre Society will be meeting this week to explore ways to support the theatre through the process of reclamation and restoration.

Update from Ann September 4, 2014

Well, as far updates go, it's pretty slim pickin's.

They've hauled out 4 tonnes of sodden insulation and carpet and stuff and have 'leventy jillion dehumidifiers, blowers and extractors blasting away in the attic and auditorium, with fuses blowing like popcorn and our electrician, Henri, pulling out his hair.

No one can give us a firm date yet when the actual repairs can start, and how long those will take once started: so much depends on keeping the building safe and keeping the people who come to the events safe.

Realistically, we're probably looking at 2-maybe 5 weeks and I've got every digit I own crossed to will us to be up by the Rossander World Documentary Festival in October.

Stay tuned for further news as it breaks.

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